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Customized CMS

Content management is changing the way companies use their websites. Now at the click of a button, new content is publish. With powerful content management software a web developer isn't needed for routine updates to a website, thus saving a company time money and giving them the power to put what they want up when they want.

PCWatch has developed it's own proprietary content management system. Allowing users to login and update a website in minutes. You don't need to be a Techy to use our software, although we have an easy-to-use help section to guide you, should you need extra assistance.

  • Our CMS includes the following

    • User-friendly interface, just 'Point and Click' - No technical or programming skills are required.
    • Fast and simple - everything is handled in the browser! - 100% DHTML, JavaScript & ASP.Net/PHP code with no slow Java or ActiveX components to worry about.
    • Well structured with clear menu options to adding/editing content.
    • Completely online HTML WYSIWYG Editing (What You See is What You Get) - Rich text formatting, cut, copy, paste, tables, links, images and much more!

Our Recent Work
Client: Mancosa
Website: www.mancosa.co.za